Rotaract club Novi Sad

Rotaract club Novi Sad

District assembly at Silver lake, 2018 Teambuilding and handover of the presidental duties, 2018.
Regular club meeting Visiting Rotaract club Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

About us

We are Rotaract Club Novi Sad!

Rotaract initially began as a Rotary youth program in 1968 in North Carolina. The goal of Rotaract is to provide young people with the opportunity to improve knowledge and skills that will help their personality development; meeting the needs of the community and improving interpersonal relationships around the world.
Rotaract Novi Sad was founded in February 1996 and is one of the oldest clubs in the district. We are proud that our club has been nurturing the Rotary tradition through actions, projects and various programs for over two decades.

About our members

We are the best team in Serbia!

For more than 20 years, our club has been one of the most numerous in the country, and our former and current members have been engaged in a wide range of occupations, all tied by the desire for humanitarian work, personal progress and mutual friendship. In our club, many members have found friends, buddies, and some even spouses, which made us all one big family.
Membership in our club requires the recommendation of a Rotaractor or a Rotarian, or the self-initiated application of the interested candidate, which is then followed by an interview with the members of our club. In Rotaract clubs, a new member is not a full member in the first 6 months, and his/her admission to the club is decided by the voting of all full members.
Every June, the new president takes over the management of the club, and is responsible for the club's work in the next year, together with the board of directors.

Our members

Board of directors:


Our members meet every Thursday at 8 pm in Rotary premises.
If you want to become our member, fill out the FORM and send us an email!

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